Bonus game

[Post New]by Geezy0134 on May 15, 15 3:09 AM
I am playing a hidden object game and have to light a torch by touching it to a lit candle but no matter where I hold it the torch will not light. I have had a similar problems in other parts of the game and have eventually managed but I just can't get this to work. Any ideas please? Thanks, GEE


Re:Bonus game

[Post New]by Geezy0134 on May 15, 15 11:11 AM
Well how dumb am I? I solved my problem when I realised I had to dip the torch in the resin before lighting it on the candle. i must say, however, that some of the items are very hard to place - I've got the bride's veil in place but am fed up trying to get the gargoyle and Medusa's snakes to fit where they should!!

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