Ranch Updates

[Post New]by erika_kramer1 on May 15, 15 5:05 PM
Hi Whackers!

Is your ranch getting a little crowded? Do you want to clean up your inventory? Well now you can!

This update brings some cool new features!

The Storage Shed:
The storage shed is perfect for any **** who's craving a secondary storage option! If you have unlocked 12 ranch plots, talk to Farmer MacDonald to go on a quest to build it! Once you have it, you can:

Place it on your ranch as an awesome decoration!
In Build Mode, drag items from your ranch to the shed and drop them in!
Click on it on your ranch to access the storage inventory!
Drop things from your inventory into the storage!

Selling Ranch Items from Your Inventory!
Introducing the ability to sell Ranch Items directly from your inventory screen! If it's sellable, it will have a sell button! No longer will you have to place it before you can sell it! Plus, we've changed the way your inventory items are sorted. Don't panic! Everything is still there, just in a new order! And if you know the name of what you're looking for, we've added a search function!

Non-Friend Ranch Visits!
Yes, you read that right! Just click on any player on Amicus Isle to bring up the visit option, even if you're not friends! While on their ranch, you can check out their decorations and play their mini-golf course! It's a dream come true!

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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on May 15, 15 5:47 PM
What fun!

You should have given a little notice before doing the visiting of other players, only because I know a few people might be a little upset they were caught with a very untidy ranch by unsuspecting visitors! They will be very happy to be able to "clean up" with the shed holding unwanted display items. heheh

It was really fun and interesting to see some of the items one can acquire as we play on, and I am sure the top players will be delighted to finally be able to show off their achievement items to others. The pool, pool toys and the whale in the pool were a hoot to see for sure!

I also learned that it might be wise to place my garden in the front instead and to clear it out so it looks more open and I can pick my garden faster. And now I want to have fishing in my back yard, as I was able to fish off another player's dock (runs to go found out when that might happen)

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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by meinaz on May 15, 15 8:00 PM
Kittypurrrs, I feel like you are talking about me! My ranch is a mess because all I really use it for is growing crops. It isn't a place that I necessarily want others to see. I may have to avoid crowded islands, so people can't click on me.

I was excited to see we can now sell objects from the inventory. I always sell what I can but it was a lot more difficult before, so I hadn't sold anything recently. I was able to sell enough to get the last land bought and have enough of a buffer to buy crops.

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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by hrslvr_paints on May 15, 15 8:21 PM
One suggestion/request regarding this. In the inventory, I can't see what my items are any more because most of them have "Large Energy Drink" emblazoned across them. I get this is probably what I get for selling the item. But could that be displayed in a pop up that appears if I hover my mouse over the dollar sign in the corner so I could still see what I have in my inventory?

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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by SIMMOJU on May 15, 15 8:44 PM
I have the overlay for energy drinks too, I think it is a glitch,as it goes away if I move to the end of the list and scroll back.I didn't sell anything .I hope they remove it.
I think they should be in the ranch shop, but are not.


Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by kstormgemini on May 15, 15 9:07 PM
Pretty cool but I have a couple things that still bug me...
One: can we please have a feature/whatever-ya-want-to-call-it that makes it so we can place decorations even if our stupid pets Insist on getting under foot?? It drives me batty when I'm trying to move something to a better spot and I can't set it down because one of my beloved-but-annoyingly-under-foot lil "buddies" decides That's.Where.They're.Going.To.Stand. And darn the consequences! If some Other pet's in the way, we can't even set the thing down in the Original spot to move the First lil bugger out of the way... And penning them's iffy since the fencing doesn't exactly link up to keep the lil dearlins in one spot.
Two: While I love "finding" stuff &/or getting stuff from quests, some of it isn't exactly my thing. It would be nice if we could either sell or give away some of the "gifts" we get that doesn't quite have a place on our ranch. Having a separate storage for it is nice but I'm kinda not into becoming a pack rat if I can help it. I have enough trouble with that personality flaw IRL. LOL

Three: (sort of) It would be great if, at some point in the future, there was a way/place to put the miniput-put golf course we've been getting that wasn't in the way on our ranches. And if there was a way to play it with out the afore mentioned pets getting on the green as it were and mucking up our shot. XD;

Those were all I had issues with really where the ranch was concerned. So far I enjoy things, I'm just enough of a nerf that I wouldn't mind them tweaked just a Teensy bit more. ^_^;
Thank you for the work though and for your time and energy so far!

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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by firestone1960 on May 16, 15 7:17 AM
Thank you for the update! I am working on the quest to build my shed now.

My only suggestion would be for the sell price of the item to be displayed when you click the sell button...as it is now, when clicking the dollar sign it asks if you want to sell or not, but, doesn't give the coin amount.That is something I like to see as some items may be worth only 25 gold, but, are pretty enough that I may want to display if it's not a significant amount of gold.


Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by erika_kramer1 on May 16, 15 11:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

The "everything an energy drink" is a flash case that didn't get caught. If you go all the way to the end and page back left, everything will be normal. We'll fix that on Tuesday, when we're back in office.

Thanks for the feedback about the sell price. We will most likely add it eventually. As a small team, we don't catch everything in the first pass, especially when we want to give a demanded feature while working on our other two games. You do get gold for everything you do sell, some are worth more than others.

Holiday items are still unsellable because we don't want you to accidentally sell them and then want them back.

The dock was earnable from a quest during the Dog Days of Summer event. If we don't put that quest in beforehand, you can get it then. In the meantime, if you fish up the 2 custom items on someone else's ranch, you can take them home to your own!

Actually, there are plans for a separate mini-golf playing area, with some surprise features if we can work it. That's a future update.


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Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by dinsb01 on May 17, 15 7:24 AM
erika_kramer1 wrote: In the meantime, if you fish up the 2 custom items on someone else's ranch, you can take them home to your own!

Ah, does that mean that the owner's lake/river would be fished out and those custom items then unavailable to him/her? That would seem downright unfriendly.


Re:Ranch Updates

[Post New]by erika_kramer1 on May 17, 15 12:21 PM
dinsb01 wrote:
Ah, does that mean that the owner's lake/river would be fished out and those custom items then unavailable to him/her? That would seem downright unfriendly.

Hi dinsb,

Nope, everyone has their own custom items attached to fishing from the dock. It would in no way prevent the owner from getting them.

It's just handy if you haven't built the dock yourself yet.

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