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ruby getting time ?!

[Post New]by gvierg on May 20, 15 12:58 PM
myself I upgraded to the max I was allowed to get: 1 every 6 hours. wonder whether it is true, that it used to let to upgrade to 1 every 3 hours? the few rubies we get make the game frustrating to play. many days of waiting to upgrade (where it doesn't give us a choice) and only get a few uses before upgrading necessary again.


Re:ruby getting time ?!

[Post New]by sthrightwhale on May 20, 15 10:22 PM
wow, I would have saved the rubies to upgrade the shelter and idol, it would be different if they credited u the rubies straight away, but I have lost interest lately, and hope with the next update something will change for the better.
It would be great if the well/idol/shelter would upgrade automatically when we ranked up., At the rate we receive rubies it is impossible to get anywhere. I currently need 86 to upgrade the shelter, I receive 2 a day from the dragon, 1 every 5 days when I collect all the artifacts and five when I rank up - whoopty doo!!!! l have reached the limit on several of my achievements so that source of rubies is drying up fast.
The logistics of the game needs sever scrutiny to make it a variable game for the creators and players , regardless change HAS to happen.

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