hints aren't helpful

[Post New]by tw3ntythr33 on May 24, 15 10:25 AM
I'm really stuck and the hint button is not helping. It is sending me either to the captains cabin or to the train depot. I do not have the key for the captains desk drawer. I also can't seem to do anything with the warning sign at the depot.
I still have to clear the debris from the side street and have to fish the chest out from the dock pier, but can't do either yet.
I have given the gypsy her tarot cards but didn't get a potion.
Can anyone help?

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Re:hints aren't helpful

[Post New]by jcvanhal on Jul 6, 15 1:53 AM
For most of the game the HINT function does not work properly. It continues to direct you back to the cemetary also after there is nothing to be done anymore. HINT does work properly in the HOP's. But outside that it is useless. The same with the map. The MAP contnues to point that there are actions in the church and cemetary area after all action have been fullfilled. The cane remains in your inventory after used in the cemetary. I was continueously puzzelled where to use it again, but I finished the game succesfully with the cane still in my inventory. Besides these glitches it is an excellent and enjoyable game.
In the absence of a properly working HINT button, use your imagination and try things out. At the end of the game you will realize that it was not extremely difficult.

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