Enchanted Pin?

[Post New]by ellisdee on May 24, 15 1:02 PM
Is it possible for the Enchanted Pin to disappear?

I've made it all the way to the final puzzle of the main game, but couldn't finish it for lack of the Enchanted Pin. I did solve the puzzle to obtain it with the magic powder i think, but maybe not - it was late at night.

Do I have to start the entire game over with a new player name, or is this a flaw?

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Re:Enchanted Pin?

[Post New]by burf90 on May 27, 15 7:11 PM
I haven't heard of the pin disappearing and I don't remember having to take it. I think it just appeared in my inventory. If you freed the prisoner and she has disappeared, you must have earned the enchanted pin. If she's still standing there and you have green powder in your inventory, then use it and free her.

If she's gone and you have no pin, then select the mini-game with the pins. Is there a pink spot highlighted in the center? If so, you didn't place the enchanted pin yet and if it's not in your inventory, the I'm afraid you've found a glitch. If you don't see the pink spot, then try moving the other pins. If you can move them, the enchanted pin is in place and you should be able to solve the puzzle. Maybe you placed it right away after earning it and just didn't realize it.

If you think it's a glitch, try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. It's possible you'll be able to continue on and finish. ::crosses fingers::

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