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Bonus content/extras already unlocked?

[Post New]by M1rAk0n on May 25, 15 5:16 PM
Was wondering if this is a glitch or normal...

I recently downloaded/bought up to the last Cinderella, but this one and the game before (red riding hood and Cinderella), both already have the bonus content and extras unlocked right after I type in my name.

Are they normally locked till after you finish the game/bonus game like the previous games? Or did they decide to just let everyone have at it?

I'm using the same profile name in each game, and if this is a glitch I'm almost wondering if somehow buying them all at once(so they download at the same time etc), caused them to sorta connect somehow?

Thanks for any helps on this,
(Please ignore bugged user name, has been this way since forums first started)

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