Why is everything locked on this game forum?

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on May 26, 15 9:55 AM
I've never seen this before, were every single post is locked, so you can't reply to anything?

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the demo, this gem is very clever and creepier than most games, that claim to be scary, love that .
Plus it helps that I am a H0G lover, and I enjoy the hand drawn items to find, plus there are items like the bottles, that I started collecting, without knowing, I would need them later on, so love these surprise added touches, in this game.
Love thinking outside the box, which is needed, this game is different, so I give the developers credit, yes you do have to have patience, when moving from room to room, don't care for that, but it doesn't prevent me from buying this one, and I agree with another fishie that said, its better to have the foot steps to watch, than a black screen.
So glad I decided to try the demo, using a coupon on this one is well worth it, IMHO!

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