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Pearl Mini Puzzle.....

[Post New]by sweatpea_25 on May 26, 15 5:38 PM
I am at the Pearl Mini Puzzle and I have crossed the lines through every tile and nothing is happening. I even looked at the Strategy Guide and did it just like they showed and it still isn't solving the puzzle. Anyone else having issues with this or is there a trick that im not getting. Pleaasssee. Help if you have the information. I am stuck till I figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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Re:Pearl Mini Puzzle.....

[Post New]by daggy_k on Jun 21, 15 8:51 AM
The same happened to me; on an iMac with OS X 10.10.3.

I left the game straight from the puzzle with the obviously right solution, closed and reopened it. Clicked on Play; the game went right into the puzzle as I left it, and without further action from me it was solved.

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