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[Post New]by sexxygamma on May 27, 15 6:21 PM
On the introductory page for the game it says there is 60 postcards to collect? As I did not see them but did see the guitars,am I missing something???

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[Post New]by cal711 on May 29, 15 1:42 PM
To be honest, I skipped the intro with the family. In Round 1, it said that there was a guitar in every scene and to collect all 60. I'm on Round 4 and have collected 4 guitars but the only postcard I've seen was in Round 4 and it has the light around it to indicate where the objects listed in blue can be found. Next time through the game, I'll check out the intro page.

**EDIT: I just returned to Round 4 and realized that what I described as a postcard for finding the blue objects was actually a picture on a digital camera. My bad.

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[Post New]by Marinersfan04 on May 29, 15 2:55 PM
The postcards are referring to the 60 playing levels. Each new level is written up as a postcard, so as you play you collect them.

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