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Level 2-1

[Post New]by Petlover1 on May 28, 15 8:36 AM
I must be really bad at this game. I am only at level 2-1 and am stuck. there is a treasure chest surrounded by gold shields, the right hand side of the screen is a lot of gold shields with chains on them, and the left hand side has gold shields with chains and some bombs, and three green gems at the top of the left shields. I can clear the left hand side, but for the rest the best I can do is to get a series of connected bombs on the right and wings at the bottom right. I have no idea as how to clear the gold shields away from the treasure chest or to set off the bombs on the right hand side to clear that away? Any help would be gratefully accepted !!!!


Re:Level 2-1

[Post New]by Frothington on Jul 21, 15 9:48 PM
I was stuck on this one for awhile too. You have to get 3 in a row on the middle with the arrow. I had to use the god to flip the tiles until I had a blue, a coin & the arrow.

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