Legends Trophy's Winners 05/27/15

[Post New]by starmagicgreen on May 28, 15 9:40 AM
Congratulations to some awesome players:





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Re:Legends Trophy's Winners 05/27/15

[Post New]by achumannfaery on May 28, 15 12:23 PM
Whoop whoop!!! Way to go Legends winners

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Re:Legends Trophy's Winners 05/27/15

[Post New]by Xystus on May 29, 15 4:09 AM
Could have decimated all of somebody on that list's totals, (in 5 days mind you) but that somebody told me to "back off Legends", so I hope they are happy with their decision and enjoy their trinkets.

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Re:Legends Trophy's Winners 05/27/15

[Post New]by meriff on May 29, 15 5:46 AM
Congrats to all winners and also to those,who made it up to chests!


Re:Legends Trophy's Winners 05/27/15

[Post New]by aussie_dude on May 30, 15 9:45 AM
Thank you very much for your congrats starmagicgreen, faery and meriff !!!
It is always a hard work to get one of these legand chests and I was happy when time was over. But then it gives a good feeling :-)

I congratulate also all legend chest winners, especially deborah peters, azalee26 and
blueladybug. You all challenged me a lot :-))

Xystus, as we aren´t neighbours I don´t know you.
But I saw you in legends where you have done a great job !!!!
So don´t be too dissapointed.
It´s just a game - sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. And this makes it interesting!

I also want to thank all my neighbours who supported me. Special thanks to deadme, despina.sebele and faximilli. :-)

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