What order do LC's games go in please?

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on May 29, 15 12:11 AM
When I start a new series of HOG games, I prefer to do them in order they were released and/or the order that the story continuity goes in whenever possible.

But after combing through hundreds of threads and posts, not a single one gives an order that this series of games comes in. Nor does any of the preview pages tell who makes the games (so I could look it up that way directly from the game development company), or does it give any release date on the preview pages so I could determine it that way either.

It would be extremely helpful if the folks that made these games would number them, and/or for BF to put somewhere on the preview pages the date the game was released. That way we'd have some indication of what order the games go in for those of us that binge play once or twice a year.

ty in advance to anyone that can tell me all the titles and in what order they go in before I buy anything.

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