No Drill Bit

[Post New]by VooDooVoo on May 30, 15 8:01 AM
I see there have been previous posts concerning the drill bit. However, I know where the drill bit should be (pop up window with basket, upper right corner just under the X'it button). The drill bit isn't there. I've checked alternate walkthroughs, help, etc - nothing. I cannot go forward. I don't want to reinstall again and have to start over. Has anyone seen this before and know of a fix? Frustrated.

UPDATE: (iPad) Advised to delete app and download yet again.

Even though previously purchased through the "trial" app, was told to download "purchasable" app. Had to pay again! Trial app vs purchasable app - they are separate and a purchasable app doesn't always recognize a previous purchase if done so through a trial. (Live and learn!) Working with Apple for reimbursement though from what I've read, I shouldn't expect to get anything.

I don't know if this repurchased install is going to resolve the problem; will have to play up to the point of the HO in gameplay section 13 and see if the drill bit is there.

Hope this is helpful info for anyone else who has come across this problem. And I welcome any resolutions, should this be encountered again.

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Re:No Drill Bit

[Post New]by Dragmire on Nov 23, 15 9:30 PM
it was there by the x'it button, next time i looked. thanks so much.


Re:No Drill Bit

[Post New]by nanner76 on Jan 24, 16 5:18 PM
I too cannot find the drill bit. I know where it's supposed to be but I can't find it. I have deleted and reinstalled the game on my iPad and it's not there. It's very frustrating to restart the game thinking that it would be there and it's not.

I did not have the trial game but instead bought it.

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