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[Post New]by paulene_roark on Jun 24, 09 10:00 AM
could someone please tell me how you got expert on island of fun, south beach levels 2 & 3... I have played endless hours to no avail, these are the only levels i cannot seem to get no matter what i try. i cannot get enough money in time..

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[Post New]by supersus on Jun 25, 09 5:36 PM
One thing I found out is that you don't have to actually have at the goal money at the end of the level. You just have to have it at some point, so hold off on your upgrades till you get the money, then buy everything you need to buy. Hope that helps.


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[Post New]by MargieYakubovich on Jul 9, 09 6:25 PM
I am having the same experience with South Beach Level 2 and 3. I have tried everything from hiring extra help to upgrading the ice cream stand asap because the ice cream revenue goes up to over $ 200 for each cone.

As well the advertising draws more of a crowd to whatever stand you choose to adverstise.

Still, there seems to be very little time to get everything done. 2 minutes and 40 seconds go by very fast!

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Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by Jcmz on Jul 10, 09 5:17 PM
Same issues here. Anybody got any pointers and/or advice?


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[Post New]by amytat on Jul 13, 09 2:45 PM
South Beach 2, get the 4 people on the beach immediately. Every time you serve them a drink, make sure you put an umbrella over them to earn more money. As soon as they're onto the beach, advertise the subs.
Also hire the man. You're fine to not upgrade him but you just need him to tidy the chairs away and restock your photos and fishing gear whilst you're busy serving people.

Always try to serve people in combos if you can ie. 2 or 3 people at once on the sub gets you much more money.

You should soon be able to afford fishing tackle. Buy it and advertise it.

Then buy photo stand as soon as you can.

You should start making money quickly enough to upgrade them to pass the goals on that one.
After the fishing tackle advert runs out, advertise pictures.
If you let the guy do all the tidying up for you, get people on the beach as soon as they arrive (the sooner they're on, they sooner they start using services), keep your stock topped up at all times, you will eventually pass the level. I missed out by 15 seconds, 10 seconds and less loads of times before I eventually got it. Keep trying - you can do it!

If you

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[Post New]by RiffRandell on May 30, 13 11:46 PM
I just got expert on level 3 and here some suggestions.

Concentrate on what you NEED to finish the level; chaining is important. On this level it's better to let a person waiting for the diving gear get mad & leave than to break the chain for your ice cream and souvenir stands.

Ice cream is what makes the big money. I started advertising it immediately. Remember some people will order it more than once.

I hired the guy to clean up but did not hire the waitress.

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