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[Post New]by cordeliawainscot on Jun 1, 15 12:38 AM
Has anybody else ever come across this?

I left the game 'open' while I got on with something else on a different computer (work, since you ask, which is what I should have been doing....) which took longer than I thought. When I got back to the game it had frozen, and so had everything else.
When I rebooted my PC and started the game again I got a rather depressing message that my profile was corrupt and had been deleted. I was a long way into the game, so I'm a bit peeved at having to start all over again.
I've not had this happen before - is it a known problem? Is it a really bad idea to leave the game (or any game) unattended for a few hours?

Later - probably should have put this on the 'technical issues' thread.

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