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Contract with the Devil

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 2, 15 12:29 AM
You should never have responded to the letter, but the kind sounding stranger seemed to have important information regarding your daughter. Was Lisa in some kind of trouble? After arriving at his mansion, you're invited to look at an antique mirror, but after throwing back the blanket that covered it, something terrifying happened – a dark presence grabbed Lisa and disappeared inside the large mirror. The only other witness, the homeowner, is now missing and it's up to you to save Lisa! Thankfully, a supernatural boggart named Browne has appeared and offered to help. During your mystical journey you'll have to solve unusual riddles, logic puzzles and search for important artifacts to challenge the evil force that occupies the mansion grounds in Contract with the Devil!


Re:Contract with the Devil

[Post New]by Sweeetsuz on Jun 10, 15 11:27 PM
I need help with the mill level, I did the picture on the gate/cabinet with the girl/angel wrapped in roses and thorns, its right cuz it changed color, but nothing happened and cabinet is still closed. Browne has quit working, the lantern fills and empties when you press Hint but nothing else, he does not sleep, not hints and lantern refills quickly. Help

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