In the Bonus Game lost Bonnie and Bow and Arrow

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Jun 2, 15 3:09 PM
I know it has been quite some time since any one has posted in this forum. I am hoping somebody had the same problem and has fixed it. I completed the main game and so I started the bonus game last night. I got as far as the sage's garden. It was there I decided to exit as it was getting late. I started the bonus game again today and the game saved my progress and opened up in the sage's garden again as it should and I seem to have all my inventory items as well but I do not have the dog Bonnie or the Bow and Arrow now. They seemed to have disappeared upon my exiting the game last night. I know I had them when I started the bonus game because I used the bow and arrow shortly after starting the bonus game. Now they are gone and I can't go any further. The game continues to point out there is nothing to do in every scene. I get to the garden and the only things I can do is use the dog to dig and the bow and arrow to shoot the necklace and I have neither. I have already collected 45 of the 48 biscuits and 19 of the 20 fairies and really am quite upset at this point that I am unable to finish this game. I have un-installed and re-installed the game. I have contacted customer service as well but do not expect a resolution as my computer is fully updated and they usually have no solutions except Dr. Felix and updating your computer. Anyway I was really hoping someone knew how this can be resolved. My last ditch effort is to start the game over and not to exit the bonus game at all and see if I can get through it. I am not very motivated to do that right now so will wait a bit to see if anything comes of this post or from customer service. Thanks.


Re:In the Bonus Game lost Bonnie and Bow and Arrow

[Post New]by designsbyangie on Jul 25, 15 3:13 PM
I have had and finished this game a couple of years ago, to include the bonus game on the first couple of rounds. Todate - 07-24-2015 - I went through the same, identical scenario as you did. Nothing to do in any of the available scenes, mainly because of the key tools are gone: Bonnie and the bow and arrow. Frustrating as heck to say the very least!!

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Re:In the Bonus Game lost Bonnie and Bow and Arrow

[Post New]by Zappy701 on Dec 12, 15 4:07 PM
wow, I know it has been a long time since posting, and chances are you don't bother to look anymore, but I have gone through the game, bonus part included. no issues, so maybe whatever glitch was there, is now gone.

I got all the achievements except for hitting the bow and arrow target on first try each time, and I didn't get 300 objects. Would be nice to know how I completed all parts of the game and didn't get to 300. Now I am working my way through extras to see if doing HOP's over to see if that adds to total.

That chain-like zuma game, I am on the bonus part and it is driving me a bit nuts. On the 4th screen is when this happened. You have to know out different colors of the chain and a certain amount. OK, that is fine, except that the amount keeps resetting so I much be hitting something that makes that happen. Oh well, back to try to figure that out.

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