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Length of play

[Post New]by willows23 on Jun 24, 09 12:43 PM
I thought this game was very cute when I demoed it. However, being tight on money, I am wondering if this is the right game choice for me. Has anyone finished the game yet and if so - what was the approximate gameplay time??


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Re:Length of play

[Post New]by Pea511 on Jun 25, 09 2:34 AM
It is rather short in my opinion as their are only 4 levels and I completed in 3 hours. The levels are very very similar - you have to gather pollen, food and magic and get fairies to "sing" and research very similar things - and you really don't have much to guess about as the mouse highlights all these areas if you run over it. The mini-games are good to boost all of the four gathering tools are good - but a little tedious by level 4.

In a summary a very good idea - a little lost in execution and too short


Re:Length of play

[Post New]by leparlon on Jun 25, 09 8:24 AM
Oh my god, what have you done to finish this game in only three hours?

I am at least at my 6th hour (If you don't count the overnight working fairys ) and I still havent finished the 3rd level.

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