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CE or SE?

[Post New]by 9otters on Jun 2, 15 11:36 PM
Seems to me the CE "bonus content" isn't much of a bonus. The ability to replay ALL the HOGs and puzzles is replaced by a secret room consisting of EIGHT games chosen from the main game, with a phantom "reward" for completing them.

The mosaic pieces that are collected in the game make a "stained glass" collage full of figures and symbols. It LOOKS like it should be interactive in SOME way, but turns out to be a...set of four pretty pictures?

Several people have contacted BFG and the Dev about both of the above issues. There is a thread where results will be posted, but so far...?

The map and hint system are an adequate replacement for a game that, imo, isn't really complicated enough for a strategy guide. The bonus game isn't really necessary for the story.

That leaves morphing objects, and achievements that, for the most part, come as a result of just playing the game. For me, it doesn't seem like enough of a bonus for twice the price.

Other players will have other opinions and ultimately, we all must judge for ourselves, but I'd recommend the SE.


UPDATE on bonus content secret room and stained glass collage. June 3rd...just heard that it is what it is. No "reward", as stated, for completing the secret room. The stained glass collage IS just a group of pretty pictures.

You can read more if you go to the SECRET ROOM thread.

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Re:CE or SE?

[Post New]by minesita on Jun 14, 15 8:48 PM
Before the new update, I was recommending the SE instead the CE.

Now, I changed completely my mind, we can do extra HOS on those mosaics and in the secret room we repeat some games and HO with some variations.
I read about only getting 1/4 of a star doing those games, but that is for the speed and accuracy we had . In some I got the complete star in one time (few of them ), and I loved the super puzzles.

With all the sales, is better to have the CE (IMO). Luckily for me, I didn't have any glitch, only I followed the advice of some nice "fish" to take the 1st morphing object before Jackie gave the file to Ms. Grey.

Is true there are several mistakes in English, I supposed these Devs know better.

Overall, I liked the game, and had more extras than other CEs. And truly, we don't pay now the full price because of many discount sales.

Happy gaming ,

ETA- Edited, to apology if I had some gross English's mistake. You can PM correcting me, never is late to learn it !!!

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