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Level 16 - Expert Gold

[Post New]by Kirland on Jun 4, 15 9:59 AM
Think of four lines of structures. Starting at the top left going right:
Line 1: Hotel, Water Tower, Prairie House, Saloon
Line 2: Prairie House, General Store, Water Tower, Hotel
Line 3: Water Tower, Blue House
Line 4: Sawmill, Railroad Station

*Build Hotels, Houses up to 3 stars with people.
Clear resources when building structures

Building Process

Build Sawmill Mill & collect resources & 1 rock pile
Buy $1,000 lumber
Build bridge,
Buy $1,000 lumber
Build Railroad & Water Tower Line 3
Clear debris on road to Sheriff
Continue to buy lumber $1,000
Buy Gold for upgrades
Destroy House Line 2 & Build/Upgrade Prairie House
Upgrade Blue House Line 3
Destroy Sheriff
Build Water Tower, Line 1
Continue to buy gold as needed for upgrades
Build Hotels, Talk to Architect
Hire 3 Workers when $$ is available to speed up building process
Buy Gold, Upgrade Hotels
Build Prairie House Line 1 (I only needed 1star with people)
Build General Store, Saloon

Good luck this process gave me gold with time to spare.

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