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Level 17 - Gold Expert

[Post New]by Kirland on Jun 4, 15 11:46 AM
Think of four lines of structures. Starting at the top left going right:
Line 1: Hotel, Water Tower, General Store
Line 2: Blue House, Water Tower, Prairie House
Line 3: Saw Mill, Main House for Hiring
Line 4: Hotel, Water Tower, Railroad

*Build Hotels, Houses up to 3 stars with people.

Clear resources when building structures to save time

*Remember to collect 8 Gold from General Store when available (you won’t have to buy gold later in game)

Keep the workers on several tasks at one time.

Building Process

Buy $1000 Lumber 2x while clearing rocks and filling hole on Line 4
Continue to collect resources and clear rocks when building,
Build Railroad & Build Water Tower Line 1 and Line 2
Buy Gold & Upgrade Prairie House Line 2 & dig "red X"
Line 2 Upgrade Blue House 1x
Buy Lumber & Gold for upgrades
Build Hotel Line 1 & Line 2 & upgrade (start gathering 8 gold from General Store)
*Hire more workers (need 11), Get buried guns when 10 workers are hired.
Line 2 Demolish Blue House & replace with Hotel as you send workers to get rid of bandits
Continue get rid of bandits and rescuing Native Americans

Good luck. I was able to finish before the 3 gold star!

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