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[Post New]by judy1689 on Jun 4, 15 6:04 PM
Does anyone know how to use collections?

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[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Jun 5, 15 5:49 AM
The Collections is not something that can be actively used by you.
It is more like a - well like a collection of abilities.

If you find lets say an item in the Miner collection; the first - the Pickaxe - will cause that you from now on earn 10% energy points when you break a stone in the level.
the second - the Cart - does the same thing. Meaning that you now earn 20% energy points if you have two items in the collection.
If you find all items in a collection, then you get sort of an extra bonus ability to the other bonuses; you earn 50% more experience while zapping stones on the map (not in the fighting levels).

The description of this bonus will be red until you find all items in a collection. This means that you do not yet get this bonus.
But when you find all items in that collection, the description will turn green, telling you that now this effect applies.

So the bonuses or effects from an item or the full collection is automatically applied by the game when you find the item.

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