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Level 18

[Post New]by Kirland on Jun 4, 15 11:48 PM
Think of four lines of structures. Starting at the top left going right:
Line 1: Hotel, Water Tower, Hotel, Sawmill
Line 2: Hotel, Water Tower, Hotel, Water Tower, General Store
Line 3: Railroad, Main Hiring House
Line 4: Gold Mine

*Build Hotels, up to 3 stars with people.
Clear resources when building structures
Continue to collect gold from General Store and Gold Mine
Send workers to complete multiple tasks

Building Process
Talk to Professor, return his watch
Clear resources on ground up to Professor & build 2 Water Towers - Line 2
Buy Lumber from train
Build 2 Hotels – Line 2
Buy Lumber from train
Upgrade 2 Hotels (buy more lumber if needed for upgrades)
Hire one Worker
Put out fire, collect resource, watch, return to Professor, build Water Tower - Line 1
Hire 2 more workers (Total 8)
Destroy Sheriff’s House and build Hotel & upgrade – Line 1
Collect 4,000 lumber
Destroy Sawmill and build Water Tower - Line 1
Destroy 2nd Hotel and build Saloon – Line 2
Sell 150 Gold
Destroy Saloon and rebuild Hotel, upgrade once with people. Line 2
PART TWO completed.

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