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Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by Zephriel on Jun 25, 09 10:15 AM
Okay, I've finished all four levels. Could there be some more game to this, please? A sandbox level? Inter-zone quests? An expansion? It was a very visually appealing game, but there really wasn't a lot to do, and what quests there were basically hand-held you all the way along.

It was like playing a very long tutorial. Hopefully there will be an expansion, though it would have to be twice as long and considerably more open-ended or sandbox-like before I'd buy it. There's a lot of potential for this game; it just needs to be realized.

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Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by annari24 on Jun 25, 09 8:59 PM
I feel the same way, what a rip off. Being of limited funds I really try to be careful of the way I spend my game credits.
Hearing that it was like VV with faeries I thought it would be a decent length, I feel like I had hardly played at all, and the
game was over, and I didn't even leave it running when I was away fro my PC. I feel like I threw my money in the garbage.
I feel so cheated

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Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by CAMD on Jul 1, 09 2:10 AM
housebound as I usually am and with limited funds, I too depend on games to occupy my time. I have found few so far that I do not finish after a few hours. I hope in the future game designers will keep us in mind, but short of that I have a suggestion for a game that is driving me nutz cause I cant beat a level...
Fairy Godmother Tycoon... I play a few days till I wanna tear my hair out then I give it a rest and beat a different game for awhile... I have been working on this one level over and over for 2 months now... Itr's GREAT!!! lol
Hope it works to keep ya busy and give you your moneys worth.. LOL

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Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by princesschaos1st on Jul 6, 09 8:06 PM
I like it, I find it relaxing, and I can leave it and do other things while the fairies are researching, however not every game is going to appeal to everyone


Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by 81creamkate on Jul 30, 09 4:07 PM
I agree with zephriel. Visually this game was great but once you have played it boring to play again. I E mailed support and gave suggestions and told them I was disappointed, they were great and have given me a another game credit and removed this game
So thanks to big fish. I now don't feel disappointed. Great customer sat.

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Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by dfranklin on Aug 30, 09 12:22 PM
I agree too, and activated it against my better judgement since I was swayed by the graphics and fairy story. I did find it mildly enjoyable, but it was way too easy and not enough to do and what was worse, every time I found an elemental after the first one (bear), it froze on me and I missed the cut scene...so I feel I got ripped off from what little excitement there was to the game. I too love VV and VF, and I agree with CAMD...I love Fairy Godmother Tycoon...wish they would do a sequel to that one (haven't seen one yet). Unfortunately, I think the game designers are under time/budget issues so that is why they don't put more into these games as long as we keep buying them. Here are some things I've learned to do during the trials so I don't get ripped off, albeit didn't help me too much with this one since I ignored my own logic.

1. Don't spend a lot of time creating your avatars for games that have you do that upfront...this wastes precious time in your 60 minutes worth of trial (you can always go back after you activate and refine your avatar).

2. Really look at/study the "maps"...in Avalon, we notice this game is constrained to a single island with four elements. Hmm, suggested to me that yep, after the 4 elements were discovered wouldn't be much to do.

3. Work quickly in your first run through, don't take time to do extra quests if applicable. This will give you a good feel for how long it takes to complete each level, and will thus give you a good estimate for how long the game will take you to complete. I don't know about you guys, but I finished the first level pretty much in my trial.

4. Consider replay value, the topic of this post. I don't necessarily buy games only that have replay value, but it certainly does factor into my decision to use a game credit or not. To CAMD's point, I've played Fairy Godmother Tycoon about 3 full times now...I stop playing for a few months then go back to it and it is almost as fun as the first time! On puzzle games like this and VV too, the "fun" is sort of taken away once you discover the secrets....but I agree VV has much more play time so is worth it.

I'm no genius at deciphering which games are good ones to pay for, but thought I'd share some of my experience with assessment. Anyway, hopefully the game developers will get their act together if they find that they need to go beyond a nice concept to get us to actually buy it.

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Re:Short, linear game with little to no replayability

[Post New]by Snaffled on Feb 23, 12 4:52 PM
Short, no brainer, not one to replay... good for a beginner maybe


Re:Short, linear game but loved it anyway

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on Dec 30, 12 3:36 AM
Maybe I'm an easy touch when it comes to the fantasy genre, but I liked this game so much I played it all the way through 3 times! I couldn't get enough. It was over too soon, and if you follow the advice in the access error forum then you don't miss the cutscenes.

The creators of this game need to make more maps and places for these Faeries to work, build and restore because it's without a doubt the best time management game I've ever played. Particularly since it's in a genre that is near and dear to my heart. I played Fairy Godmother Tycoon and it was fun, but I finished that in 2 days and it wasn't nearly as pretty to look at or satisfying in terms of accomplishment that Avalon was for me. FGT was like RCT/RRT's games with different graphics...same old same old. Avalon was not the same old bag of tricks and I WANT MORE PLZ?

Perhaps they can have the UnSeelie Creatures show up now that magick has returned and they are running amuck. Bugbears, Trolls, Giants, Harpies, Banshees, Goblins, Bogles, Hobgoblins, Red Caps, Jack-In-Irons, etc all being led by the Queen of Nightmares. Our good Seelie Queen and her gals could fight the bad Faeries, restore and rebuild what the UnSeelie destroyed, and keep them from going through the Veils/Gates to the Real World Plane to wreck havoc on us poor Humans! lol It be spiffy too if they could work in some other Fae Lore standards like the White Oak Heart Tree, The Bale Fire, the fifth element Spirit, Sacred Tree Grove Lodges, Circe's Sacred Well and of course Stonehenge! And did you know that Fae Lore exists in every culture and every continent for thousands of years? There could be campaigns in Greece, Native American USA, Tuetonic Northern Europe, fun with Leprechaurns in Ireland, and Djinn in the Sahara. Oh yeah, Djinn Genies are Faeries too. Well, think about it. If you were a Faerie born in a desert and had to deal with sand storms, you'd adapt a different way to fly since wings would be useless there, right? Of course I'm right.

Ooooo you know what else would be epic!?! Real Faerie Mounds, the under hill/underground cities the Fae dwell in. I built one in a virtual world that was 4 entire sims, half for the Seelie and half for the UnSeelie. The game creators should pm me and I'll gladly share my designs and rpg creative writing for world history, politics, races, guildes and royals free of charge is they would just let me be a consultant in developing Avalon for expansions and sequels.

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