Never allowed to win

[Post New]by Sophie50jt on Jun 7, 15 4:21 PM
This game is very addictive and exciting, and I have finished it to ad nausium, however, I am never allowed to become Pharaoh for the game is as it were, fixed.
My time is good, my score are good but it is never enough to become Pharaoh.
Too bad, I would never buy another Cradle game.
Has anyone ever actually completed the game?

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Re:Never allowed to win

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jun 8, 15 2:55 PM
Welcome to the pond!

If you finished level 100, you've "finished" the game. As for becoming Pharaoh, you need to have enough resources built up to buy all the buildings before you finish level 100. I've always managed to become Pharaoh on every run through the game...there are a few tricks to doing it:

-Make sure you collect as many treasure chests as you can in the first 25 or so levels. You get a treasure chest by making 4 matches in a row of the same type of resource tile (money, food, or building material). If there are 2 types of tiles for one resource type, say gold and silver coins are present, you cannot mix and match the tiles. It has to be 4 matches in a row of gold coins or 4 matches in a row of silver coins. Drag on the treasure chest to collect it, which gives you bonus resources of the type of tile you were matching. Powerup tiles will not award treasure chests.

-Mouse over the city building screen when you've bought a new building to see what trick you need to do to get the citizen for that building. Having citizens increases your resources for every board afterwards. A few buildings won't have citizens associated with them, but most of them do.

-Avoid buying time, as buying time sucks up resources that you could have used to buy buildings with.

-In most of the first 50 levels, it's possible to "bleed" the game for resources by intentionally leaving a space or a few undone on a level and keep matching elsewhere to just build up resources (and collect treasure chests). Just pay attention to the timer if you're in timed mode so you don't time out by accident. In the most extreme case of my doing this, I became Pharaoh by level 54.

-If you have made it all the way through level 100 and are getting that message about the city not being done or whatever, it may be better to toss the profile and start over, as depending on where the game sends you back you may or may not have enough resources built up to buy whatever it was you were missing. The game wants to get stuck in some type of endless loop too from what I've read from other players who didn't finish the city.

Hope that helps!

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