Hidden object in less than two minutes?

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jun 7, 15 5:37 PM
I always like the achievements, and I don't like to play a game twice, so I got all achievements except the less than two minute Hidden Object. None of them were possible to do in two minutes, they are all the shadow ones and all of them were where you had to combine them to get something else. All of them were very hard to find and since I played in hard mode was a bit more challenging not knowing what to do, and so all of them took me longer then 2 minutes.
Thus I didn't get all achievements and couldn't do the last puzzle in extras because I didn't get all.
I hate the achievements that give you a time limit to do something, if they had put the HO's in the extras I might have been able to get it finally

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Re:Hidden object in less than two minutes?

[Post New]by kaitlinn on Jun 7, 15 6:52 PM
I think I played the bonus game over to get that achievement....but I am missing the Thrifty acheivement...do you happen to know which puzzle gets that one (find all pairs in less than 34 clicks)?

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Re:Hidden object in less than two minutes?

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Jun 7, 15 7:30 PM
I think you get the Thrifty Achievement by playing Mini-game #18 in the Extras. All the lockers are closed & you have to find the matching pairs. You'll probably need to write down the locations to get the achievement. There are 32 lockers so you are only allowed to miss once.


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