Where I Found all the symbols!!!!

[Post New]by cmightymidget on Jun 26, 09 11:46 PM
This is a list of where I found all the symbols:

1. Midsummer Glade: in the sky in the dark purple streak
2. Stonebridge Well: back wall in the green
3. Stonebridge: in the sky over the middle pink leaves of the tree
4. Stone Circle: click on the pink water lily on the right side of the screen on the stone (it is behuind that flower)
5. Enchanted Pond: left of the brown coin purse in the green grass
6. Old Road: on large rock bottom left of screen
7. Crystal Cave: top of screen in the brown rock under the green area
8. Harvest Garden: bottom of the crate with the plate on top
9. Dreaming Grove: on the tree to the left of the screen near the tea bag
10. Butterfly Garden: under the big silver ball to the right of the cow bell
11. Gazebo: top of the gazebo
12. House Under the Hill: under the pink flowers under the tree with the bowling pin

Hope this helps...the next stage is to draw all the symbols in the lights...make sure you look at the bottom of the screen to see what symbol they want you to draw...Good Luck everyone....Cindy


Re:Where I Found all the symbols!!!!

[Post New]by okcphinfan on Jul 11, 09 4:29 PM
Even with the help, I still can't seem to find the pentagon at the enchanted pond. I see the brown coin purse at the top of the pond near the middle, but I still can't see the pentagon. Just left of the coin purse are some rocks and a bunch of cat-tails, but ??help?? Thanks.

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Re:Where I Found all the symbols!!!!

[Post New]by yada on Sep 16, 09 11:21 AM
where did you find the cat collar on the stonebridge?

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Re:Where I Found all the symbols!!!!

[Post New]by marthah10 on Feb 22, 10 10:44 AM
i can not find the symbol for dreaming cove i found what look like tea bag and click all over the left tree close to edge still can not find it


Re:Where I Found all the symbols!!!!

[Post New]by Rebekah_Karalee on Jan 21, 12 7:22 PM
It seems that no matter what you do, the last symbol that you are supposed to find is not there, it happened when I had the stone circle at the end, and I couldn't find the symbol, and then this game that my daughter has just finished today and we were at the enchanted pond and we also couldn't find the pentagon.

So very frustrating, I wonder if it would help if I uninstall the game and then install it again?

Please can anyone tell me if that works, or if anyone has tried it and it has or hasn't worked? My daughter really wants to finish this game.

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