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Bonus game can't place wires

[Post New]by sgrwlf27 on Jun 10, 15 12:03 PM
Well since I just bought this game last week, if all the things I read in the tech issue forum is true, they must've fixed as I have had NO problem playing this game until now. In the bonus game, strategy guide says to place the 2 wires on the breaker and pull the switch. Spinning cogs indicate I am in the right place, but wires don't attach to the broken wires or replace them; just stay on my cursor and you hear a short circuit sound. Try to pull the switch, same sound. Any ideas why this would happen at the very end of the game that played perfectly for me? I searched every thread of the forum and no one ever mentioned this, though someone did mention the game was perfect until the bonus game, but the issue was different.

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