[Post New]by carrionbaggage on Jun 27, 09 4:40 PM
would somebody suggest a fun game that isn't just flat out irritating? I am so sick and tired of spending time looking for "lost" objects that aren't there.....the original mystery case files was fun for me, and so was ravenhearst, but I just can't stand anything I have looked at for a year or so....just time wasters



[Post New]by patticat317 on Jun 28, 09 10:02 PM
Hi, how 'bout MAGIC ACADEMY, MYSTERYVILLE, 4 ELEMENTS IS A GREAT GAME thats all for now hope you fiind something fast you sound really frustrated, Patti

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[Post New]by Capthowdy64 on May 16, 10 8:13 PM
Are you wanting games specifically here on Big Fish? Maybe a good adventure title would be good? Drawn the Painted Tower,or Syberia? They both look great and make you really think. How about the Puppetville Mystery one? Beautiful graphics and great story to carry it.You don't have to hunt for a lot of non sense.Magic Encyclopedia isn't bad.It's basically puzzle solving but fun. Also,the Samantha Swift trilogy is good.Not too easy not too hard. The best advice I can really give is demos. Just look for stuff here that catches your eye and do the demo.It's free and ifyou do like it,you can pick up where you left off.Oh,yeah! Vampire Saga!!! My first one.Everything is great in it.Story,gameplay,graphics,etc. Go demo that now!

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