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Level 63 Spoiler

[Post New]by Gembirdie on Jun 11, 15 7:40 PM
I've noticed among the locked threads a question about how to pass level 63.
I just did it with three stars. Here is how I did it:
- First, I tried to get as much of the gold as I could - typically around 800 pieces of gold. Then I opened the two chests and built one cabin. That gave me enough gold to pay the pirate in the lower right corner. I started logging the little forest, and opened the treasure chest.
- With the treasure in that corner, I could build two more cabins and a garden for each of the cabins. This gives enough happiness points to talk with the leprechaun and unlock those treasures.
- As soon as the leprechaun is gone, I destroyed all three cabins and started building updated mansions with gardens everywhere, even behind the little forest that hid the pirate.
- I earned enough money to pay the 100'000 pieces of gold to the pirate making the smoke, and freed the workers blocked by the tree.
- Then I destroyed the mansion closest to the castle and built a sawmill there. As soon as I had more than 5000 wood, I sent the workers to work on the lava levee, and destroyed all the mansions except one.
- I immediately replaced the destroyed mansions with one house of each type that I updated and built a garden around as fast as possible. And there you go!

If you do it this way, and as long as you keep at it, you should have no trouble getting the three gold stars.

Good luck!
(P.S. Just ignore the pirate who wants 50'000 pieces of gold. Don't try to pay him...)

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