Chapter 12? Or 13?

[Post New]by Alysor on Jun 27, 09 6:03 PM
I'm trying to find all of the aliens, and I'm stuck. If I hit the hint button, it points out one of the nails in the second drawer - but won't let me do anything with it! I've tried clicking it on every item in the drawer, in both bars at the top of the screen, on the go back arrow, and nothing works.


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Re:Chapter 12? Or 13?

[Post New]by Legendia on Jun 28, 09 9:03 AM
Did you try dragging the items? The aliens are hiding under some items, and behind others.


Re:Chapter 12? Or 13?

[Post New]by MattyRoh on Aug 29, 11 5:14 PM
How did you get the leg to hold on to the ship when you picked up your pliers? Mine won't stay. It flies back into inventory as soon as I go for the pliers. I can't find the right "spot."


Re:Chapter 12? Or 13?

[Post New]by hmfirmin on Oct 11, 11 4:43 AM
I have the leg by the UFO but what next. I have tried everything and nothing is working

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