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[Post New]by gryhndlvr on Jun 13, 15 5:27 AM
I have to say this game is another somewhat boring sequel.
Why isn't there any developer out there that can bring us new and creative games?
What is up with all these sequels?
It's like in the movies, part 2, part 3 etc.

Please bring us new ideas for games. I guess I will replay some of my old games instead of buying recycled and refreshed old ideas. Sorry if I offend anyone that likes them but that is just my opinion.

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[Post New]by troischats on Jun 13, 15 7:15 AM
I just pretty much said the same thing about new ideas in another post. I've had to cancel my membership because there's no point in paying for credits every month when I'm struggling to use them . I have about 200-300 games in my Game Manager, and I've started replaying some of the oldest ones. Interestingly, though, replaying older games has highlighted how much more of a challenge some of them were!



[Post New]by baglady159 on Jun 13, 15 7:25 AM
I, too, am playing old games because there is nothing new out there of any interest to me. Dress-up dolls? Really?! We want to play adult games, not play with dolls.

So many of the "used to be awesome" game developers have fallen to the old "more games, more money" adage and are just putting games out there as fast as they can. I wish they would take the time to make a really good game like they used to.

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[Post New]by tookat on Jun 14, 15 10:04 AM
It just goes to show, that people have widely different tastes.
I recently took advantage of some of the 6.99 sales to purchase CEs of games I bought as SEs when I first started playing at Big Fish.

I remembered liking those games a lot back then.....but I was somewhat disappointed by those old games in comparison with what I am playing these days.
No, Not all the games are good, and I think this "Barbie" Harlequin is a bit, a bit way too much. but the CE's especially offer me much more than they used to. I enjoy looking for the collectibles, the morphing objects, I like the achievements......and, there are a lot more games and other items offered along with the Bonus Games.
I also find the games now a more colorful and have better animation.....and that some of the things I liked in the old games, like super puzzles have been brought back.

I also think there is more variety in the stories of the games offered......and looking back at the forums of the older games, I see that people were complaining just as much then as now.

But, I sincerely hope all the folks who say they are leaving Big Fish, find game sites that serve them better.
Life is too short to be so unhappy.

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