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[Post New]by bribling on Jun 29, 09 1:27 AM
SPOILER! Don't read further if you have not finished!

At last I finished this game! No one can complain that it is not long enough. I enjoyed it very much but I did start to get bored. There were maybe a few too many messages to assemble. I would rather have just found the occasional loose page to add to my collection. The occasional new object or different version of a previous object helped keep the game from getting too tiresome. I could have done with maybe fewer sets of objects.

The story was good and the only thing that was really disappointing was the lack of discovery at the end of the game. After playing so long and solving so many puzzles (over and over) at the end the treasure was not revealed. What was in that box? Jewels, cash, gold? My curiosity as to what the treasure was kept me going long after I might have quit. The love story came out as expected. The ending was also pretty much as I expected, no real surprise. The treasure was the only thing I was unsure of and I still don't know what it is.

I enjoyed this more than the original game! I did get tired and I doubt that i will play the whole game again any time soon though I might play some of the Freeplay scenes again.

Also, I really had no tech problems until near the end when I began to have a black screen with a curser and nothing else. I also had some waits for scenes to load but they did load after a wait.

Thanks Big Fish! This was a nice HOG after a long wait!



[Post New]by barb1940texas on Jun 30, 09 11:49 AM
Nice game, too long of a time in changing from one place to another. Too many
repeats of the same objects. Too easy to find, did appreciate the large and well
lit items. Hate the real dark game with little bitty tiny items that takes a mag glass
to find. Good story, but agree that there were too, too many letters. Would have
enjoyed other type puzzles. The mangeler or something like that turned out to be
a old fashion ice cream maker. I'm ashamed to say I have to use a hint to find
that one. Shame. And a spool of thread, cotton roll???????????? I'm old and
never heard of that one. All in all, enjoyed it, but no treasure, not worth playing
again right away. Maybe in a year or so. Have a good 4th of July everyone.

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[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Jul 7, 09 3:37 AM
How long took it to you to finish the game? How many hours?

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[Post New]by dvdiva on Oct 12, 09 8:08 AM
How many DAYS? is more likely

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[Post New]by dixielady627g on Nov 1, 09 2:31 PM
I played on a weekend with my sister & finished it in a day!

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[Post New]by Sheerija on Sep 13, 11 5:10 AM
It DID take days but by the time I finished it it felt like MONTHS!

Uncreative and unimaginative at best.

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