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Mini game with clock hands in fear of woods

[Post New]by sgrwlf27 on Jun 13, 15 12:21 PM
I cannot figure out what the in game instructions mean. They say place the tiles according to the time they appear. SG gives no solution. What do you mean "place?" place where? I try picking up the one showing in the lower left and have tried moving it to the clock, moving it to another location on the branch. The clocks are running so fast I don't have time to see a time when one appears before it is gone.

Lately, it seems in game instructions are very hard to understand as they don't give enough information. The one liners they give would be more understood if a second line added things like, puzzle will reset if you choose the wrong one, etc.

Maybe someone who has played this game can tell me what I am supposed to do. I play these for the puzzles and hate to have to skip due to not enough info.

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