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I'm having tech issues but everything is locked down... why?

[Post New]by scaring on Jun 14, 15 11:28 PM
I am using a Dell 8gb ram I7 processer Win7. This game has errored out on me a few times, but I have exited, rebooted and it worked again, but this time is different. I am in Rome, and I was able to put the lion head together but it wouldn't accept the ring. I backed up and was trying to do a couple other things around Rome when I get booted with an error report that had close to 30 errors on it. I did what I had before but now it won't even let me approach the door to put the ring in. I came here looking for answers but every post is locked up tighter than a bank vault for the weekend.
May I ask what is happening and what the fix may be?

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