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Technical Problem

[Post New]by pysanky13 on Jun 15, 15 5:06 AM
since all threads are locked, I am posting a new one for this problem. I do realize this is not a new game, however, I am not able to finish the game, in which I had no problems at all, because the final tile problem does not have the correct tiles to form the pattern required. I checked the walkthrough after working for quite a while to get a pattern and found it was not possible for me to make the pattern necessary to finish the game. No idea why this would happen as it is a mini game that does not require the player to add anything to it. The tiles are given to you to arrange. I was not given the correct tiles. Now what? as I cannot show a screen shot of the puzzle, I don't know how else I can show you this difficulty. thank you.

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Re:Technical Problem

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Jun 15, 15 8:30 AM
Hi pysanky13,

I'm so sorry to hear that there is some trouble finishing this particular game with the final tile pattern. Definitely doesn't make things fun.

It may be helpful to look at the following help article to ensure that everything is up to date with the video card:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If you are still having issues, it is recommended to reach out to our Customer Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report. They can help look into this for you.

Moving forward, we ask that technical issues be placed in the following thread:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery here

Thanks for your understanding as I will go ahead and lock this thread. Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.

I hope this helps!


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