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labyrinths of the world: forbidden muse ce

[Post New]by lornaovenden1 on Jun 15, 15 5:40 AM
I have paid for this game and started to play it. However, when I went back to play more of it, it says you own this game, click to play, so I do and I get the following message:

'Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version File "avformat-55.dll" error 0'

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Re:labyrinths of the world: forbidden muse ce

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Jun 15, 15 9:01 AM
Hi Lorna

You should have put this post in the Tech Issues thread as you would probably have received an answer by now.

I am not an expert with computers as I frequently have to phone one of my grandchildren to ask them. I would suggest you delete the game and then download it again, it's worked for me before.

If that doesn't work re-post in the Tech Issues thread and include which operating system you are using, my system is Windows Vista and I did not have a problem with the game.


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