Numbers Game on Door

[Post New]by Queen_of_Parts on Jun 16, 15 6:33 AM
Hi all,

I've just finished the one hour demo of the game, and I reluctantly had to skip a couple of puzzles as they just didn't seem to work - namely the ones to open the doors to the buildings.

With the first one, no matter what button I pressed, I could not get the game to do anything, and the instructions didn't help either. The strategy guide just gave the solution, not the method. Does anyone know how this game actually works?

I would go back and buy the game, start from scratch to gain the achievements, but it just didn't seem to work.... and the second door game with moving the green button was equally as baffling....

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Re:Numbers Game on Door

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Jun 16, 15 8:52 AM
If you are talking about the puzzle which has a green and a red button, one on each side, I had the same problem, nothing happened. But as I wanted to buy the game I did, and after the download had finished it worked perfectly for me.



Re:Numbers Game on Door

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jun 16, 15 6:21 PM
Queen of Parts, I didn't have a problem with the door getting into the art gallery.
But the door to get into the next building is really hard especially the third part.
The object is to get the green diamond into the center. The SG only shows what path you should take.
You have to avoid the blue arrows to get to the middle.If you see an arrow coming go back down and keep trying to get the green thing up to the center.
There are 3 rounds and in each round the blue arrows go faster and faster.
It took me a while to get the third level. I guess its trial and error. I did have to look at the SG for the path to get to the center for the last round. Hope this helps. It's very hard to explain.
Dax, I had trouble with the puzzle with the blue and red buttons. I'll try to explain to my best ability. I was under the impression that you had to press the blue or red buttons every time you tried to move. And that didn't work for me. So After you hit the blue or red button to the number next to it, you don't have to touch the blue or red buttons anymore. I think 5 was the number after the blue button so press the blue button then the 5 and you just have to hit the next number you think will add up. You Do the same with the red button. You don't have to hit all the same colors at one time. You can go back and forth from the red to the blue. But you have to make sure you press the last blue or red number before you can go on.
My bad I just read your post again Dax. and it looks like you already figured it out. I left what I wrote just in case someone else has a problem with that game
Good luck everyone.

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