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Avenue Flo - Can't seem to WIN it.....

[Post New]by jediliz on Jun 30, 09 5:14 AM
I do pretty good at first, but when the prices for the ingredients I need go up too much I can't afford them AND to buy the decor or advertising, especially if said ingredient is IN DEMAND for the day.........

I have to do the 'reset chef daily challenge' trick a lot when its something I can't afford, like learning a new recipe, too.

Are there any prices that are good to set that won't sell so many that you'd run out of food?

Or is it basically different for everyone.


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Re:Avenue Flo - Can't seem to WIN it.....

[Post New]by Sunbreak on Jun 30, 09 12:43 PM
I don't know that I am an expert but this is what I have observed.
A good start is vital on any of these scenarios and that can be changed by holding out for the right conditions. For me this a winnable challenge as well as green prices on start up. Even though I don't buy the initial beef that I am selling, green prices stay green for a while and so do the red ones. in the beginning is where I need all the help i can get.
On my first turn I buy the recipe for the apple pie and the billboard ad. After I have these I buy as many I can afford after spending the money for apples and corn for the pies (matched of course) I set the pricing on both the hamburgers and pie in one click into premium. People will pay the most for an item when it still has the "new tag"
Except for when it's their favorite. The caveman will pay 7.75 for his hamburgers all game long and never leave ya broken hearted.
Recall that I said "winnable challenge" I cannot figure out how to get 10 of anybody through the restaurant the first day. Nor is it okay for me to do the sale item on the first day cause I lose too much money, I couldn't buy another restaurant.
But I can sell 30 meals I can make 100 bucks I can sell 15 hamburgers or 12 premium items.
So I have won my first challenge. I have around 300 bucks and need to restock
I hit the restock button because the daily is still beef. I check the daily and decide if its worth the effort to do it. After I spend or don't spend money on the daily I buy the billboard and try to get my inventory of apples and corn up to 30 each.
I am now ready for when it is the demand food. Which will be the next turn.
Turns become pretty much a matter of
1 Restock
2 Buy ads
3 Shop for next recipe. I try to keep unique items at 15 or more and everything else at 30.
I do watch the demand meter the thing on the newspaper with 1-4 people that says how busy the next day will be. Trying not to overspend when the demand is not going to be there also to bring the prices down on a low demand day.
I hope this is somewhat clear and that it helps
Good luck

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