Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by Torrent173 on Jun 30, 09 5:42 AM
I have a problem with playing the game "Tradewinds Odyssey".
When I get into the loading screen after the BigFish logo, the loading stops at the third bar and the program becomes unresponsive. This makes it impossible to play the game.
However, this error only occurs after I bought the game, and did not occur when I was only playing the 1 hour free trial.
I have tried rebooting the computer and running virus checks, but the program still does not load.

Please tell me how to overcome this problem, as I want to enjoy this game soon.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: It still does not work. 6/7/09.
Edit: Is anyone going to help?

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Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by lilyjfcm on Aug 1, 09 9:11 AM
I'm having the EXACT same problem. Can anyone help? I'm using a 64-bit vista machine, and the program worked fine during the download, but after I purchased it, the screen goes blank and the program hangs while loading it.


Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by salakasutaja on Nov 11, 09 7:21 AM
Same problem here


Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by NTuneR on Dec 9, 10 9:15 AM
I realize this thread was started years ago, but might have found a useful solution for anyone Googling the problem. I tried running the game on Windows 7 and kept getting a black screen after the load bar instead of the menu. I solved this problem by going to the .exe and in the properties menu changing the compatibility mode to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"


Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by JPskitrinity333 on Mar 24, 11 7:27 PM
I've had the same problem: My Odyssey worked during the trial, but not after I bought it. JP

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Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by smjjames on Apr 28, 11 9:40 PM
What I did was uninstall and reinstall (actually, I had done that since I hadn't played in a long time and was seeing if there were updates), then run it from the desktop shortcut and it works fine. So, try that.

It just doesn't like running from the download manager for some reason I guess.


Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by aaiilleedd on Nov 9, 12 5:14 PM
tried all the fixes here and still doesn't work for me either.only difference is mine only loads to about 1/6 th before it crashes

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Re: Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Sep 11, 13 3:00 PM
This is what Customer Support (link at the bottom of this page) is FOR.

You're paying their salaries whenever you buy BFG games. Take advantage.

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Re:Tradewinds Odyssey Loading Problem

[Post New]by joloee on Oct 21, 14 10:19 PM
Customer Support doesn't actually help you fix the problem..they just regurgitate the information we already see regarding "game crashes, freezes and whatever else" in the help section. And in the end, they give you a credit for your time and effort wasted on playing a game that is somehow unplayable on some systems (mine included). I rather have customer support fix the problem and get me a game update that will make the game work..instead of a credit. I paid for these games, just so I can pass it..not because I can be a guinea pig or beta tester.

I envy those who don't have these technical issues. This game seemed fun for the first 2-3 hrs..and then crash..and now it won't even play..I get a loading screen that I can't get out of and have to reboot my computer each time.

That's my rant.

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