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Bought it, loved it. Should've been in bed hours ago!!!

[Post New]by MoreOver on Jun 30, 09 7:50 AM
Thanks BF for a wonderful HOG!!!!!!!! It's hard as atch-ee-double-toothpicks and I love it!!

Get your eyeglasses out, perhaps a magnifier too and prepare to free the wizard!!! This is a very difficult game for those who don't like small objects, and not only are they small, they are devilishly hidden. Thank the stars above that they got rid of that dang mini-game where you had to put syllables together to form a spell. Hate, hate, hated that one. The puzzles drove me crazy and I had many 'duh' moments but I like the challenges.

I have no idea how far I am into the game, seems like I only started and the hours flew by so I can't attest to the length, only that there is lots of replay factors, tiny objects, great fun! Oh, and there is the option of timer or no timer!!!

Did I use enough exclamation points? LOL


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Re:Bought it, loved it. Should've been in bed hours ago!!!

[Post New]by SSmitty on Jun 30, 09 10:06 AM
Been driving me crazy since I downloaded and I'm loving every devilish moment of it. I may never get it finished all the way through. So far have all A+ on the chapters, but it isn't easy. The replay on this one could go on for a very long time in looking at all the possiblities with all the different objects there. I can find the ones they don't want a lot easier than the ones they ask for. LOL.

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Re:Bought it, loved it. Should've been in bed hours ago!!!

[Post New]by joannickle on Dec 7, 10 1:23 AM
Ditto, I feel the same way I like this game and the replay value I think will be just as good.

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Re:Bought it, loved it. Should've been in bed hours ago!!!

[Post New]by Kathilisa on Jun 11, 12 7:16 AM
This is one of my favourite games which I'm replaying right now.

I can't understand why people complain that it's difficult. It's a HIDDEN object game?

What I love about the HOG scenes is that the objects are hard to find because of the brilliant artwork....not just because the objects are tiny like in some games
but he uses all sorts of artistic tricks of outline, contrast, counterpoint, colour, shadow, etc. etc.
and the HOGs are so cleverly blended into the picture
which seem to be all hand-drawn, not just some computer graphic mock-up of a scene with objects pasted onto it.

Yes this does make it very hard, and I accept it may be difficult for those with poor eyesight, but for me it is one of the classic games.

As well as the artwork, the music is good, the atmosphere great, the plot believable, and the whole thing created with love....and fun.....those pesky flying books, and the flowers that pop out at you as you hover your cursor past them....eyes that follow you around the screen....must have been created by a game lover

I would love to know if Bruce has made any more games or if they were just too labour-intensive?

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