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How to Play Mushroom Commander

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jun 17, 15 4:47 AM
I note some people are struggling with how this game works - this is what I could figure out.

When you start there is one or more mushrooms on the game field. In the left-hand corner is an indication of how many mushrooms you have left.

Your goal is to collect all the water droplets and the stars without running out of mushrooms. The stars are optional but important to advance.

You can only move one square next to an existing mushroom. Therefore your strategy is to work out the least amount of moves to the next water droplet where you'll get more mushrooms to continue. So for example if you need 5 mushrooms to a water droplet then you have to find mushrooms where you can move 3 times to a water drop and then once to another water drop to accumulate enough mushrooms to make it on the 5 moves.

As far as I played there was always a strategy to complete the level and I did not find it to be random. However, it is important to plan a route as it impacts on whether you're going to be able to make it to all the mushrooms - for example if you can go left or right to the next mushroom the impact of that decision can have you pass or fail the level.

You do need a certain amount of stars to continue, however, if you click on the menu button and then click on the key - it will show you the solution to the puzzle.

As the game progresses it becomes very challenging as there are more obstacles and one of them will dissolve your mushroom in 3 moves, so it becomes very important to plan the next move carefully.

Tip: Move to the water droplets and ignore the stars until your last move and then collect as many stars as you can before moving onto the final droplet. The game ends when you reach the final droplet and won't let you carry on past that to try and collect any remaining stars.

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Re:How to Play Mushroom Commander

[Post New]by PawPrinted on Jun 23, 15 1:05 AM
Bomb Tips that I've figured out:

When you pick up a bomb, you have to use it immediately. Make sure you have a mushroom next to what you want to blow up BEFORE you pick up the bomb!

Some of the rocks sparkle. You should blow them up to see what's inside. (I didn't know that some water drops are inside the rocks, and couldn't figure out why a level wouldn't end.)

Apparently, you can blow up enemy mushrooms. I haven't had bombs and enemies on the same level yet. I saw this in the awards section.

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