UFOs, Random Flags, and Impossible Trophies??

[Post New]by Ryan2016 on Jun 17, 15 10:22 AM
On the iPad/iPhone version, when you are at the screen where you are looking at all of the shops and stuff, every 15 seconds or so a UFO flies across the top of the screen. Is that a secret that I need to use for something because I've fully upgraded everything and gotten the superstar goal in every level, and fully upgraded all equipment, but still have the red and white flag. Please tell me what he UFO is and how to find the flags's secret because I heard somewhere that the flags unlock something special once something is completed. Also, is it possible to get trophies that say don't use the tv or colored from day 17 and after once I have already completed the game? Or am I just stuck? If so, can I also not get the vampire neck thing and the pirate trophies? if so, it's pretty unfair because I had no idea that those existed and now I can't get a perfect game.

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