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The HOG in the Orchestra Pit

[Post New]by tookat on Jun 18, 15 11:39 PM
After you fall into the orchestra pit......and are offered a bit of chord.....while a tuba creature is menacing you....there is a HOG to play.

Said HOG has a Piano Leg to find.....

where oh where can the piano leg be found
Oh where oh where can it be?
is it an upright?
Or a curly grand?
masquerading as a flying bee?

(song to the tune of where oh where can my little dog be found?)

I have clicked everywhere it feels, and am oh so glad there is not a click penalty like is on Contract with the Devil?


Re:The HOG in the Orchestra Pit

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jun 19, 15 10:46 PM
Hey tookat,
I have no idea what kind of piano it is.
But the leg is close to the bottom towards the right.
It's kind of fancy. Not like an piano I've ever seen.
It's also kind of gray and has a swirly design in it.
By the way how bout those Amazing Chicago Blackhawks???
Sorry just have been watching them since the early 70's and it's amazing what they have accomplished this past decade!!!

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