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9/10 Game Despite the Atrocious Voiceovers

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jun 19, 15 4:12 AM
At about 40% completion of this game, I decided to try the sequel because i like this & it turned out that #2 was just spectacular. It, too, ended with a major cliffhanger and one far more emotionally involving & exciting than how Castaway (this game here) ended.

(I Forgot to mention something kinda major!! I wanted to say that although I like this game, the voice acting gets about a D from me. In some cases, even lower than D! Its really bad. I dotn get just HOW the voice actors can be so...off?? Maybe they're not native English speakers but are using American accents??)

But I can use a reminder - although its only been a few days since I finished The Island Castaway 2, I cant say I remember whether or not there were any referen ces to what had been left unresolved in this one?

I dont think so because from what i recall, the characters & settings were all different, right? Since I had not played This game to completion, its possible that the 2nd one might have had some hints or mention of things that took place here but without me noticing. I'm sure I'll go back & replay it sometime but for now I am too annoyed that the sequel had never been created and/or released.

The cliffhanger at the end of #2 is ... wow. A real doozy. If the answer to my question is NO then that means these guys are 0 for 2 on unresolved endings!! And as for the voice acting, well the game is so good that it makes up for that. Seriously - its actually got the worst voiceovers I've ever heard in a game. But is still good.

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