HOS in alley

[Post New]by kghnrt on Jun 19, 15 10:29 AM
I can't make the fish balloon. Any ideas?

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Re:HOS in alley

[Post New]by SirensKiss on Jul 23, 15 9:40 AM

Suspect you too could be a victim of the terrible glitch that has affected this h/o scene.

I have been posting alongside other fishes and supposedly a fix from the developer has been sent.

Have sent a pm to a moderator yesterday to try and illicit a response.

Here's hoping!

Sirens Kiss

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Re:HOS in alley

[Post New]by northpolejo on Nov 7, 15 7:30 AM
Same here. Can't make the balloon or do anything with the parrot and the hint feature doesn't even work. ???

I tried to do the match-3 instead to wrap it up but wasted at least 20 minutes on it, and it doesn't advance. It seems to play endlessly. Bleah.

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