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Fishing Mini Game

[Post New]by GaPeach1981 on Jun 19, 15 7:53 PM
This mini game irritated the bejeesus outta me! The frog is very fast so you have to basically jerk the cursor over to the other side of the screen to catch the fish before he thwarts your attempt. What made it worse is that every time I tried to catch one, the cursor would hit the wrong spot and it would take me out of the mini game before I knew what had happened. You basically just have to focus on the smaller fish thereby making this maddening mini game last longer. NOT my idea of a good puzzle/mini game at all

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Re:Fishing Mini Game

[Post New]by 9otters on Jun 20, 15 3:01 PM
I discovered that if you try to catch the frog FIRST, he'll be busy when you lower your hook to try for a fish.

Hope this helps.

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