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Ditzy on Puzzles

[Post New]by TeresaRollen on Jul 2, 09 8:33 AM
I would absolutely love this game...I just tried the demo. There is one big problem though. I am not that good at these type of puzzle games. Do you think I should buy it anyway and use it as my practice puzzle game? I think I read that it has 60 puzzles type games. Sounds fun but not if I have to keep looking at the walkthrough or will that help me learn?

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Re:Ditzy on Puzzles

[Post New]by 1830mm on Jul 2, 09 9:42 PM
You get some repeats on the puzzles. So maybe if you use the walkthrough the first time, try it on your own the second time and thereafter if the puzzle repeats. Good time passer if bored.

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