[Post New]by wolfie3061 on Jun 20, 15 6:37 AM
Hi everyone!

Hit all expert levels and thought I'd share a few tips.

Get the cauldrons and speed on your purchases first. Leave the potion shelves till last.

Pick up money as soon as you can so new customers generate. You don't get chain points by leaving them there.

The blue ogres have lots of patience so you can leave them while you work on the others.

Click on the harp after new customers come to the counter and hit it as soon as it recharges.

Try to get the Frog in the mini game. There's a 25% chance you'll get a better tip and it comes in handy for the more difficult levels you'll face.

Hope this helps and happy gaming!

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[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Jun 21, 15 9:24 AM
Hi wolfie3061,

I just wanted to pop in here and thank you for taking the time to share your tips and hints on how to get through this particular game. It is very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Happy gaming!




[Post New]by wolfie3061 on Jun 23, 15 7:07 PM
Hi bfgBellerophon,

You are so very welcome!

Glad to help

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