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Basement Level 6 Master Locked...Need Help BAD.

[Post New]by Scottsteaux63 on Jun 20, 15 8:43 AM
No matter what I do I can't get anywhere in this level. The carrot I can usually take care of, but those fireballs appear right in front of Granny half the time and she walks right into them before I even realize they are there.

If there is a strategy to getting through this level I can't find it. And it would really suck if I had to quit playing the game at this point.

Anyone out there know the trick to this one?


Re:Basement Level 6 Master Locked...Need Help BAD.

[Post New]by sassega on Jul 2, 15 5:56 PM
I am at this very moment ready to give up on this game. This level has me beat, and I thought I was pretty good at Super Granny. Unfortunately Super Granny 5 is several years old now and not too many people are posting answers to the pleas for help!

I hope someone responds.

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Re:Basement Level 6 Master Locked...Need Help BAD.

[Post New]by grannylover59 on Jul 2, 15 6:51 PM
When you start, unlock locks that will lead down to bottom purse.
Don't do much at one time. Unlock the locks leading to the bat, take the bat and go back to the middle where you started and wait for the carrot top and fireballs before, unlocking another lock on the right side leading to the meow.
Don't unlock the lock on the bottom, the lock on the right side of the purse, the fireballs will get stuck there and not be able to move.
Remember that Granny can dig holes and get away making it easier to get to the purse.

I hadn't posted to this thread because the op emailed me. There was a reply two or three threads below that there was a reply from me.
If I can help further just pm me.

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